Girls Soccer


SHELLEY’S STORY When majority of soccer loving people, the fans, supporters and sponsors think of football, women soccer is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However we hope this phenomenon will someday change as more professional systems are gradually being phased in to accommodate women into the sport.  Most teams around the world have women football of ...

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Banyana Banyana in AFCON

Banyana Banyana have restored the pride and dignity of the South African football loving nation by showing their mettle and determination during their final match against their fancied opponents and their nemesis Nigeria. Following a successful preparation tour in the South American tournaments in Paraguay in October, our fearless soldiers have shown that South Africa has got talented soccer players ...

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Soccer Mom 

Soccer Mom is a slang, referring to a mother whose children play soccer or similar sport. This is a mother who spends much time transporting her children to athletic events, or otherwise supporting her children’s activities. especially any such woman viewed as a member of a particular (usually influential) class of voter, consumer, etc. “ The term has evolved around the ...

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