Talking Soccer Shoes

Vehicles have odometers to capture and record how many kilometres or miles the car or the engine has travelled in its lifetime which assists the owner or the buyer to determine more or less the value and the lifespan of the vehicle.

It is however very difficult or even impossible to determine or gauge the human movements, distances travelled and steps taken over a lifetime of an individual.  Some may argue that with the latest technology it could be done, but the difficulty will still be on the overall recording of the travels and distances made since the human being started to walk.  I guess the point is made.

People would normally wonder what the walls around them would say if they could talk, referring to the events they would have witnessed or even seen over the years, but in our case right now we would like to know what the soccer boots would tell us about the individual’s kicking ability.  Would they be impressed with how the player wearing them kicked, bended or even missed the ball and if that was the case, would they prefer to be worn by somebody else?  If they could talk would they tell us that “I knew he was going to miss that goal.”

Some young player has managed to wear the featured soccer boots and maybe from the person who wore them, a professional star could be born or maybe nothing of that sort would happen.  Whatever the boots could tell us, the stories would be fascinating.  Do you now wonder what the soccer boots of the most successful football players over generations would tell us, if that is the case, then share your thoughts below about some of the things you think they would say!

You could also share with us what you think your own soccer boots would tell us.

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