Soccer Mom 

Soccer Mom is a slang, referring to a mother whose children play soccer or similar sport.

This is a mother who spends much time transporting her children to athletic events, or otherwise supporting her children’s activities. especially any such woman viewed as a member of a particular (usually influential) class of voter, consumer, etc. “

The term has evolved around the world and is generally accepted with its definition, however with the society challenges and dynamics having changed in the last couple of decades, we have seen a soccer mom changing and adapting to the new roles as well.  Women are now generally occupying higher seats in society and are known to excel in multi-tasking than dads, and as such have taken the role of sport support to the next level.

What does it mean for kids to have their soccer moms during their practice sessions and matches?  Clearly, the response is overwhelmingly obvious.  The kids want parents’ support at all times even more when they play or are engaged in hobbies and sport activities.

Meet Zodwa the single parent and a soccer mom.  She is a “hands full” parent who is normally referred to as “maphathephathe” in Zulu slang, meaning the one who never sits down.  She is a typical hands-on deck person, who takes care of all her kids’ spiritual, educational, physical and emotional needs without any complaints.

She took time to chat to the Kick it Kidz team about herself.  She was asked a couple of questions and she opened up discussing her challenges, joys, sacrifices, family support and successes.

She is a proud Kaizer Chiefs FC supporter and has two children – Zinhle a son and Ntsako her youngest daughter.  When asked about whether she has already started bringing the little one for her son’s soccer practice, “Most of the time, I usually drop Zinhle off at practice, go fetch her and bring her to soccer with me.  After that I still have to go cook for them before going to work for my night shift.  In the morning it’s madness, I don’t know what I would do without my family’s support.  My mom helps me drop my daughter at school while I drop off my son.

Read more about this phenomenal soccer mom in the e-mag:

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