Discovery Spring League

Discovery Soccer Park Spring League 2018 Discovery Soccer Park, Wanderers have done it again, with yet another fun-filled Spring League tournament.  The tournament hosts have over the years emphasised that whilst there is fierce competition amongst the kids and their respective teams trying to edge out each other from day one to stay in the tournament until the final day, ...

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Talking Soccer Shoes

Vehicles have odometers to capture and record how many kilometres or miles the car or the engine has travelled in its lifetime which assists the owner or the buyer to determine more or less the value and the lifespan of the vehicle. It is however very difficult or even impossible to determine or gauge the human movements, distances travelled and ...

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PS4 & XBOX Consoles

Kidz are often found lazying down playing their favourite games on various game consoles, however over a period of time, it has been noted that the most used consoles with all their blings and wizzles are mostly dominated by market leaders (Sony and Microsoft) in terms of the most market share. It is therefore not surprising that Playstation 4 which ...

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Dream Big

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the soccer playing kids between the ages of 7 and 15. It keeps their dreams of playing soccer at a professional level alive and fast track their opportunities to do so, earlier than they thought.  For those kids that might not be certain whether to pursue playing soccer as a professional career would ...

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Soccer Mom 

Soccer Mom is a slang, referring to a mother whose children play soccer or similar sport. This is a mother who spends much time transporting her children to athletic events, or otherwise supporting her children’s activities. especially any such woman viewed as a member of a particular (usually influential) class of voter, consumer, etc. “ The term has evolved around the ...

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Landing Launch

Patience is a virtue they say.  Others go further and say that good things come to those who wait.  This is more appropriate for this first edition because on the 15th of February 2018, was the day that the unknown new media company was launched to the public for the first time, taking out a secret that was kept for almost 2 ...

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