About us

At Kick it Kidz Media we believe in the beginning of things and as such our focus is about the Realisation of Dreams and the nourishment of ambitions.  We are the Media house specialising in the Events and Broader Coverage of the kids’ soccer stories at the development stages.

The development phases are specifically for Boys and Girls playing soccer from the Ages of 5 to 15 years of Age.  The dreams of kids are realised through the support and encouragement of the parents, coaches, mentors and the communities.  The forged relationships with our organisation will help the kids to dream big and realise their dreams.  They will be interviewed just like their role models and stars that they watch on TV and read about in the magazines.  Their stories will be shared because they matter.

Our emag and online magazines will provide kids with a lifetime opportunity of being recognised and featured as soccer players, doing what they love and having fun.

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