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Patience is a virtue they say.  Others go further and say that good things come to those who wait.  This is more appropriate for this first edition because on the 15th of February 2018, was the day that the unknown new media company was launched to the public for the first time, taking out a secret that was kept for almost 2 years, whilst the stories were written and refined for the consumers, partners and the clients, including the little people that play the amazing sport called the Beautiful game.

The attendance was great and the festivities started a bit late due to rain that ran havoc on the day, however the spirit were never dampened as the participants started coming in, defying the gloomy weather and met with a smell of a well refined coffee in the venue.

The venue was at Genesis Suites Hotel and Conferencing in Fairmount Johannesburg.  Fortunately the warm breakfast and drinks made up for the coldness outside.  Soon the function started and the hosts Kick it Kidz Media welcomed the attendants and ensured that everyone was warm and relaxed.

Straight from the beginning the attendants knew that something different and important was about to break, even though it was kept wrapped from the Media.  This was the invite only event and it lived up to its billing.  It was a mix of corporate, ex soccer professional, soccer development coaches, marketing and digital heads from some of the well-known Professional Soccer teams.

Kick it Kidz magazine’s content head,  kicked off the proceedings, informing the attendants about the new company launching on the day.  He took the attendants to the beginning of the concept, the reasons behind the idea and why this media company is unique from any other in the country.  He presented the benefits of the media house launching at this particular time in our history, just four month before the Russia 18 World Cup.

The launch was focused on the new eMag and Online Digital Magazine which are new platforms that will focus on the soccer development coverage for kids aged between 5 and 15 years old, playing football.  This is for both Boys and Girls.The attendants were very excited and offered to support the magazine as it covers a neglected market.  Below are some of the attendees of the events:

Click the gallery link below to see some of the attendees:




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