When majority of soccer loving people, the fans, supporters and sponsors think of football, women soccer is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However we hope this phenomenon will someday change as more professional systems are gradually being phased in to accommodate women into the sport.  Most teams around the world have women football of all ages training at an early age and have now increased the chances of making a decent living for athletes should they choose soccer as a professional career.

You mustn’t be fooled by their features, they say.  This is a very accurate statement when you think of a precious, tall, tiny and beautiful girl that is Shelley.  Those who have faced her on the opposite side of the soccer pitch have borne the brunt of a hard tackler, hard running, dribbling skills and fierce shot to name just a few of her attributes.

She started playing soccer when she was only 6 years old.  When asked how she felt playing with the boys being the only girl in her team, she said she was scared at first but after making friends and how all her team mates welcomed her, she was fine and started enjoying what she loves the most which is playing soccer.

Shelly pointed out that if she had a choice between playing a soccer match and a netball match, she would choose a soccer match because she feels that soccer really challenges her.  Shelley is a dedicated, committed and a talented little girl who shows that gender is not a determining factor in becoming successful.

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