Dream Big

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the soccer playing kids between the ages of 7 and 15.

It keeps their dreams of playing soccer at a professional level alive and fast track their opportunities to do so, earlier than they thought.  For those kids that might not be certain whether to pursue playing soccer as a professional career would after this experience be able to make up their minds and decide as to whether this is really what they want to pursue or not.

The kids have to enter the Dream Big Competition by sending a text to the assigned number 44022 with the words Dream Big, their preferred names and surname to stand a chance of being selected.  Once a month the winner is drawn and selected amongst the many entries by the independent auditors.

There are many prizes attached to the competition, however the biggest prize is giving these young  soccer players and aspirants an opportunity to spend a day or two training with one of the big South African professional side under the professional coaches and guidance.  This story and journey will be published on our on-line magazine with the videos taken as well as our e-mag.

The opportunity involves training with the team, interviewing your favourite soccer player, spending time with the development coaches and many more.

So start walking your fingers on the mini keyboard to stand a chance of winning.  Type Dream Big, your name and surname to 44022 at a cost of R2.00.  Terms and conditions apply

Meet the Dream Big Ambassadors below: 

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