Discovery Spring League

Discovery Soccer Park Spring League 2018

Discovery Soccer Park, Wanderers have done it again, with yet another fun-filled Spring League tournament.  The tournament hosts have over the years emphasised that whilst there is fierce competition amongst the kids and their respective teams trying to edge out each other from day one to stay in the tournament until the final day, the focus is not on competition, but rather on enjoyment, fun and social cohesion between the junior soccer teams around Gauteng.

Ryan Kalk, CEO of Discovery Soccer Park has indicated that the main priority of the tournament is to get the kids from the ages of 5 to 17 to spend the last few weekends of the year, post their regular part of the season participating and enjoying themselves playing the sport that they love and having fun in front of their favourite supporters, family and friends.  To indicate the point at hand, all the players participating in the tournament receive the same medals on the last day and only the teams finishing as the ultimate last team standing in their’ respective age group gets a trophy that is similar to all the other age groups.

So, from the 21st October to the 18th of November it was that time again when the kidz around Gauteng, including teams from Pretoria and Springs had a turn to showcase their talents and stamina by playing football in the scorching heat of Gauteng.

Whilst the fun, enjoyment, camaraderie and teamwork have been evident over the entire duration of the tournament, the kids have shown the tenacity and elements of competitiveness with amazing skills and talent.

One could see the long range shots, pin point crosses, defence splitting passes and acrobatic goal-keeping skills. It is either kids are just competitive by nature or their coaches and parents have directly or indirectly instilled the level of competitiveness in them, or maybe we should give credit to TV for showcasing competitive soccer stars in various leagues around the world or the Consoles with games like PES, EA sports etc.

The Discovery Soccer Park Spring League has grown in leaps and bounds and has showcased the skills and football knowledge at an early age of the competitors.  The record-breaking attendance with 125 teams, over 1000 players and over 2000+ spectators per day shows that the formula is working and the Discovery Soccer Park, team has long realised that soccer at these age groups and levels is a family event.  The open spaces within the Clubhouse allow the family members to relax in a secure environment with a multitude of snacks and refreshments, especially the early morning coffee for all the attendees.

If the success of the 2018 event is used as a gauge, then 2019 is set to be even bigger and better with the expected number of spectators, parents, coaches and players anticipated to grow.  We are looking forward to the spectacles of soccer wizardry and abundance of talents and skills from these future Bafana Bafana and Banyana Banyana stars.






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